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Reporting Workplace Hazards and Dressing Appropriately for the Job

Welcome to Seither & Cherry Quad Cities' first quarterly safety blog post! We will be posting a quarterly newsletter provided by MillhiserSmith that contains various safety related topics, along with some of our own commentary on each topic.

Do your employees report workplace hazards as soon as they arise? Reporting hazards and near misses creates a safer work environment for everyone while also providing safety personnel and management with leading indicators to help prevent similar events from occurring in the future. Educate your people on how to report and why it's so important. You can also positively reinforce a reporting culture with a reporting rewards system.

Working in cold weather may not be an issue in southern California, but it is for most of the United States right now! Cold (and hot) weather are environmental hazards that we must adapt to regularly. The easiest step in preventing temperature-related illnesses is to dress appropriately for both the weather and the type of work you're doing. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of cold-related illnesses and notify your supervisor if you or a co-worker begin exhibiting any of the signs in the article below.

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